Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I forgot to mention

Oops, I forgot to mention our trip to the State Fair this weekend! Mema Marge, Randy, Leslie, Emily and I all went to the fair Sunday morning. The line was REALLLLY long getting into the fair (the ticket booth ran out of tickets.. sheesh), but after we got in Emily had a lot of fun. She got to eat all sorts of ice cream, chocolate, bread, candy, etc., and we walked around almost all of the buildings.

Emily didn't want to ride the "big elevator" at first (space needle), but then seemed interested, so we got on and rode it up, spun around, and back down. She loved it! After that we had nice big indian tacos, then went home as it was getting really hot at that point.

So that was our trip to the fair!

Wednesday was one full day for Emily...

Today Emily seemed pretty tired when I saw her. She had already gone to school, then to dance class, and Leslie brought her to me at School because she was going to see a friend at the hospital. By the time Emily and I had gotten home, she was fast asleep in her car seat.

We got home (around 5:45) and there was no waking her... I put her in our bed and she slept for a while longer. A bit later Terry, Abby, and Ryan came over and they all played, ran, played, ran, screamed, ran, played, and ran some more until about 8. I just put her to bed after she read a few stories to us tonight! She told us about the bunny who ate the carrots because he was hungry, about the dog that was thirsty for water and crunchy ice, and about the fishies swimming in the water!

No big plans for tomorrow, but I'll try to get something up when I get a chance. Talk to you later!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Too busy playing with my new phone!

Sorry haven't been on in a while, I've been too busy playing with my iphone! Emily has had a great week, but took a spill at school and hurt her lip pretty bad. She got over it quick though, she wanted to go to ballet even with her puffy lip!

I've linked all my email accounts through gmail now (because the iphone handles gmail well, from what I can tell) and now I'm debating whether or not I should take my account info off of my local email program and just use gmail for everything. One more step for google in world domination... Is it bad that I don't mind that so much?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Emily's first Ballet class!

Here are some pictures from Emily's first class at Ballet Academy!


Well, to recap all the posts I have now lost:

- Emily went to the county fair and had a great time (up to the end where the roller coaster scared her a bit). You can see the pictures below.

- We had a great time watching the OU game yesterday, Church this morning, shopping at Penn Square Mall this afternoon.

- I managed to con [edit] convince [edit] allow my mom to buy my old [edit] "experienced" ipod for the same price as a new one... With the money, I went and got an iphone. I'm too scared to touch it until my invisibleshield comes in though.

Fun fun

So, I hit a wrong button and kablooie, the whole blog went down. Here I am starting over. I'll update everybody's links either now or later.. :)