Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wish List

Just for fun we've added Emily's Christmas wish list to items under her name. You can find it here, or click over on the left. I think it works that if we end up buying something off of the list, it goes away. I'm also guessing that if you decide to get something from there (or from a local store) you can either send us a note so we can remove it, or you can try to remove it yourself.

If you can't view this list, can you let me know? Thanks!

Black Friday

Well we got out, but not at 4:00AM like I had hoped :)

We started at Wal-Mart, and I was very disappointed to find a parking space. I looked for the two items I wanted, but of course, sold out. We found Emily's 16" Princess Bike waaaay up on the rack, and I almost destroyed half the bikes there trying to get it down, but I managed to sneak it out in the Christmas checkout lane (empty... on black friday! Sheesh, no fun at all... I wanted to sit in line for at least an hour) and get it to the car. Emily hated the bike when she tried it because it "wobbled." I told her that if Santa made the bike and brought it for Christmas it wouldn't wobble. She seemed content with that information, but it came up again later (keep reading :) )

Next was Kohl's. This was a little better, but not much. We had to park pretty far away, so I was getting a little happier about the day, but we didn't have to park on the grass or anything, so I was still rather disappointed. Now, once we got in, it was pretty chaotic, so I liked that. It had been since 4AM, they told me there. I took Emily around and noticed that the line to the checkout wrapped half way around the store! Weeee black friday! I got in line right then, knowing it would take forever to get to the front.

As I neared the register, I called mom to get her and Leslie over there, but Leslie was still trying on clothes.. It got tense there for a second, the people behind me didn't really like holding while I frantically called Leslie and mom to get up there. They did, and we were at the register. Then the best part of the day came! Mom said that if Leslie could guess the amount of the clothes she had to buy within 10$, she'd pay for it! Leslie instantly went into game show mode, and started throwing clothes at me as she "Brain Aged" in her head... I tried to help her but she was in the counting "zone," and wouldn't have it. She called out the price at the last second, and won the grand prize and a trip to Cancun! No, just kidding.. but she did get the prices right! Even with the 60% discount on everything!

Next was the mall... Now this was what I was waiting for. Parking: Red Lobster basically.. aaaaah. We fought our way through the crowds and ended up at Santa, and there was no line! Emily and I stood at the entrance for a while watching Santa. We had decided a few days ago that I would be the one to talk to Santa, she would just stand there with me, she didn't want to sit on his lap. He looked over at her, and she waved at him. She showed him her shirt (I "heart" Santa), and we slowly walked in near him. He began to speak to her, and she went into a nose scratching frenzy. He mentioned to her if she kept it up, she might "rub your nose plum off." He asked her what she wanted, and she spoke to him (not waiting for me, like the plan.. Gosh, my only job.. and she wouldn't let me have it) saying, "we came here the other day and you weren't here!" He laughed and told her that he was still giving Rudolph a bath at the North Pole. She then told him she wanted a Princess Bike, but she didn't want it to wobble. He said, "you don't worry about that one bit, my elves make sure all of our bikes ride smooth and straight." She gave him a huge smile, and looked at me as if to say, "see! Santa can do it! Why can't you find a dumb bike that doesn't wobble!" We asked her a couple times if she wanted a picture with Santa, she replied, "maybe later."

We left the mall and wouldn't you know it, there was a sign on the best restaurant ever created (Teds) that they were open! We got in there right at 11AM, waited only for about 15 minutes or so (a new record for Teds), and had lunch there. Mom and I could still see the gleam in Leslie's eye, so I took Emily back home and mom and her rushed back to Kohl's for more fun.

A pretty boring black friday if you ask me, but still good. We ended up buying a couple more things from amazon later, which should be here (and wrapped!) by Christmas. We've still got LOTS of shopping to do, so we'll see how Cyber Monday goes.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

I've added some more pictures, but make SURE you check out the picasa web albums page (just click on the pictures above, I think)... Emily using the iphone... classic :)

Leslie's been cooking all day, and we're getting ready for everybody to get here for Thanksgiving! Here are some pictures, stop by often, I'll be updating throughout the evening! There's wii in our future :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Emily went pee pee at school today! She told us all about it when she got home, and because she went pee pee at school like a big girl, she got to go to Super Target tonight and pick out a dress! This was the first dress she saw, and even after seeing all the other dresses, she liked this one the best. We hope you like it! Great job Emily!
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Emily's First Dentist Appointment!

When I arrived at the dentist's office today, Leslie and Emily were already back and being checked out. I found them already in the chair, and Emily was listening to everything being said, and doing everything without any problems! She got a little scared when the doctor came to look in her mouth, but she was very brave and did everything he asked, even through the tears.

After that, the assistant helped Emily brush her teeth, then took her picture, then let her get a sticker and a prize! As soon as we were done, she looked up and asked Leslie, "are we done?" Leslie said "yup, that's it!" Emily seemed very excited that it went so well.

Great job Emily, we're very proud of you!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A poll without a way to poll

So I've asked a few people, but thought I'd throw it out the two watching this blog to see what you think... Here's my idea(s):

1. Have one blog to combine them, one blog to rule them all.. basically any family/person I'm close to give access to author blogs on a central blog so we can share our own moments in time. I see it like this - I write our blog which three or so look at, which is fine. But those three people probably have blogs that three people look at and so on.. so if we all combined on one single blog, it would be a neat place to centralize all the stuff we're doing and can share in an easy way. So, I add my people, those people add those people and so on. But, then.. does it just become facebook?

2. Just link to other blogs from mine. A little less exciting, but probably more practical.

Just my thoughts.. you know, there is a comment section after each of these posts, so feel free to chime in.. :)


Well we had a pretty tough time the end of last week. Emily's stomach was really bugging her, so she didn't make it to school for a couple of days. She went to the doctor, and got a shot (flu), so she had a bandaid on it for a while, which "will come off when it's better."

She seems to be well now though! She went to school yesterday with no problems, so things seem to be back to normal.

Speaking of normal, I put up Christmas lights Saturday night (finished at about 9:30PM). You can imagine how much Leslie loved me up on top of the house in the dark of night. I keep begging to put the Christmas tree up, but she won't let me until after the shower she is throwing at our house on Friday. I guess I can wait ONE more week... Sheesh, you'd think I was asking something crazy :)

For you nerds out there, I'm still listening to all of my podcasts, and love them all. However, my favorite podcast TWiT (This Week in Tech: Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton [sometimes], John C. Dvorak ( and others) is starting to anger me a little, mostly because of Dvorak. Let me explain why: podcasts by nature are for a niche audience. They are not mainstream, nor should they be. I understand the movement to iptv and stuff, but podcasts are still made for small audiences (200k people or so). I listen to these podcasts because they are different than the mainstream stuff you see on G4, CNN, etc., because they don't cater to the mainstream, they include a lot more inside baseball stuff, which is the reason I listen. However, it seems lately that every time Dvorak is on this show he tries to speed up the conversation, rants about how the panel has lost the entire audience of boredom and says that nobody wants to hear the details about the tech industry.

Don't get me wrong, I love Dvorak to death (PC Mag, Market Watch, etc) but jeeeeeeeeeez, I can't be the only nerd out there sick of him telling everybody to move on just when it's getting interesting.. Okay, not very exciting news there... Just thought I'd share.

I was asked a very interesting question by Chebon and Kate this week: If you had to pick only three artists to listen to for the rest of your life, but you could listen to everything that artist created, but listen to nothing else, what would you pick?

I'm stuck right now on Beethoven, I think. It's a hard question, there's a lot of good music out there.... This may take me longer than a week.