Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Super Spin

Emily and I saw Bolt the other day, and last night she got it as a present on DVD from Ann and Ryan. She loves the movie, especially the "Zoom Zoom" and the "Super Bark" parts. We were racing cars the other day, and I heard her whisper before she let hers go, "Car.. Zoom Zoom."

So, we're at the yellow park this morning, and she has now learned how to do flips on the bars. She gets tired quickly, so she has to find something else to do for a while until she's gathered enough strength to come back and try again...

I was hanging out with Benjamin on the grass some distance from her, and I noticed her sitting on the ground beneath the bar, talking to herself. Then, after a short time, she got up, slowly reached for the bars, then carefully placed one foot in front (just like bolt before his super bark), then planted her back foot as he does as well. Then she gave a huge yell out and flipped herself around. Exhausted, she fell to the ground, and started the whole process over again. She did this for about fifteen minutes. I guess that's her own special super bark :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break!

We began the break last night by taking Emily to Bolt. I had the great idea to take Benjamin as well, so against Leslie's better judgment, we headed to the theater. About fifteen minutes into it Benjamin decided he was done watching the movie, so for the next hour and twelve minutes I walked in the lobby with him. I would get him calm, quiet, settled down, and then I would head back into the theater. By the time my foot crossed the threshold he was fussy again, every..single..time. Out in lobby: quiet and happy. Threshold: Cranky and fussy. From what I heard it was a good movie though.

The more and more I use twitter, the less and less I find myself blogging. Even when I do sit down and try to create a post, I find myself using less than 140 characters initially, and have to force myself to write more. I wonder if this is where online communication is going.. rather than creative, thought out stories about our lives, we use short bursts of 'in the moment' snippets.. Or maybe I'm just lazy and it's easier to tweet than to blog (I wonder what people would have thought had I used that sentence 15 years ago... Okay, I wonder what people think when I use it now..)

In predictable form, Emily started complaining of a sore throat last night, and Benjamin has been cranky, probably due to teething. It would only make sense that on a break the family gets sick. Let's hope not!