Monday, March 24, 2008

Benjamin's new room

Leslie worked all last week on Benjamin's room, and it looks great! Take a look below!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, again!

I've added pictures from the Easter egg hunt yesterday at Gavin's house below.

Emily was up at 2:00 this morning trying to get into bed with us. The last time she came in the middle of the night Leslie woke me up while saying hi to her... not so much this time. I remember waking up to feeling a very strange sensation on my legs, which when I woke up I realized was her trying to crawl over me. I took her back to bed, and she woke up again this morning and came into our room. We asked her if she thought the Easter Bunny had come, and she responded, "is he still here?" as she hid further under the sheets. We told her that he came during the night, so she felt better about going in to check to see what he had brought her.

She loved the candy and new pink princess shoes he brought over the night, and is very excited about going to church this morning!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

A few days ago Emily noticed a lot of water going down our street, so we went out to see what was going on. The city had opened up our fire hydrant to let some water out for about 30 minutes. The man asked how our water tasted, and I told him fine (and that I felt very fit as well, considering all the drugs going through the system lately :) He said on streets like this the city comes out every once in a while to refresh the water by letting some out. News to me... Anyway, Emily got a kick out of it (see pics below).

We went out this morning and tried to get some Easter pics of Emily... The result is what you get when you get me behind the camera: bad lighting, bad timing, and bad positioning. You can see my lousy attempts at photoshopping a couple at the end of the slideshow, but all in all, I need a pro to take pictures for me :)

All has been well, Emily got to go to Gavin's house today and find easter eggs which was a lot of fun (post pics later). We also got to go to the dollar store to get another present for Emily because she's gotten another four stickers on her chart! She earned two for being so good with Papa Vinny the other night while Leslie and I went out with Ryan and Holly (Bricktown to Zios, then Bank Job.. good movie)

Still waiting to hear on my acceptance/rejection for grad school. Leslie and Mom are working hard right now in Benjamin's room painting the tree. School starts back monday, only nine weeks left!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back on our feet

It feels like it's been forever since we've all been well, but we're finally there! Leslie's been hard at work on Benjamin's room, I've been being as lazy as possible, and Emily has been busy playing Zingo, Hi Ho Cherrios, the race game to the pillow (where we both race across the house to see who can get on daddy's pillow faster), and going to parks! We went to see the Easter Bunny yesterday, and Emily asked (I did the talking) for some new pink princess shoes for Easter.

Today we went to the McKinley park, and I finally got some pictures to load to the website. We're happy everybody is better, and not sick!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What a week!

Well, Emily got sick, then got better (we thought), then two days ago woke up and couldn't put any weight on her left leg. It was really strange, but she managed to hobble through the day (not feeling very well though). I called the nurse after hours and she told me that if she developed a fever at all, to take her in to the ER.

Well, sure enough, the next morning, she developed a fever. Since it's about as hard to get through the busy signals at her pediatrician's as it is traveling around the world holding onto a helium balloon, Leslie and dad took her to the urgent care over by our house.

I made the mistake of calling in the middle of it, because as I heard her crying in the background, I decided to leave school (even though there was no possible way for me to get away...) When I got there to the urgent care center, Emily was getting ready to get blood drawn. She cried through it, but was a very big girl while it happened! Then we went to get x-rays (she didn't like that too much either, especially wearing her lead apron). When we were done, the doctor explained to us that she had strep throat, with a secondary arthritis in the knee... Really weird, but we started her on antibiotics, and she is doing MUCH better today.

That's about it for our lives lately, just trying to get Emily better! In other news, I've been following this site lately, as it's the next installment after the BBS Documentary, which I loved. Here's a trailer for the new movie coming out (prepare yourself, huge nerd alert below...)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Our first 3:00AM wake up call...

I don't know how Leslie heard her, but at 2:52 this morning I woke up to Leslie saying hello to Emily...

Emily was acting fine, but seemed to think it was already time to get up. Time change you ask? Nope, as soon as she hit the bed I could tell why she was up in the middle of the night, she felt like an overheating radiator. We took her temperature and found it to be 102. We gave her some medicine, but for the next hour and a half she tossed and turned, as her temp was still up. Finally we all fell back asleep around 4:30 this morning.

Well, this morning she seems better. I was planning on staying home, but she's still not showing signs of a temp, so I'm heading to work, and unless I get a call from Glenda, I'll stay there today.

So, if this goes how I'm thinking, next will be Olivia and Kaitlyn, then Glenda, then Leslie and myself :)

Here we go again...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Been a while..

I wish I could say I've been too busy to post, but since it only takes about thirty seconds to get a post up here, that really wouldn't be a good excuse. I'll try to sum up the past whatever:

- I got sick, then sick again, then sick again, then sick again. I'm still coughing... Today was the first morning I didn't wake up to fits of coughing, so maybe there's hope.

- Emily's been doing great. As I scrolled down to see older posts, pooping was a big concern back then, but really isn't now. I think we've gotten that under control.

- Leslie's getting "bigger" according to everybody I see. Let me tell you how much she loves hearing that :)

- My best friend, Chebon, came in first on the March 4th election for City Council. He'll be in a runoff with his opponent on May 13. If you have a second, check out his website!

That's it for now.. Hopefully more exciting things to come!