Saturday, May 31, 2008

Read this, it's worth it.

It'll take you twenty seconds... Classic.

Secretary Doing Her Job

There's more than three of you out there!

I just started playing with Google Analytics to see all three of you coming to the site - probably once a week or so. To my surprise we're getting around 20 visitors a day!

So, to all 20 of you, thanks! I hope you enjoy (somewhat) my lame posts, although I'm sure most returning visitors just want to see what dumb thing I've done lately :) We all know you don't have to wait long to see that happen.

Still thinking about that play toy for the backyard... I will probably have myself convinced by about 10:00 this morning..

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Operation: Poop

Well, we've started the next trial run of pooping on the potty. The doctor told us to find that "one thing" (sounds like a City Slickers reference) that we should NOT do until Emily chooses to go poop on the potty, so we're not going swimming any more until she does.

I see this working like the no-bouncy-ball until you go poop (still sitting on a shelf in the closet), the no-favorite-movie-Enchanted until you go poop (still sitting on a shelf above the dvd player), the get-you-any-dress-you-want if you go poop idea (no dresses from Super Target, her favorite place to shop for designer dresses), and any other wonderful idea we've come up with to try to get her to go.

My guess? Benjamin will be pooping on the potty before Emily.


The Powers and Waters brought us dinner tonight! I've been sitting there staring at the oven for the past twenty minutes waiting for that cheesy goodness to be done in there, we can't wait! Thank you SO much for the great food!

So, I'm thinking about this.... Prepare yourselves..

Sam's Club - Item Images

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Square Dance!

Well, no matter how you slice it, it's just weird. I had to do it though :)

Don't send a lame eCard.
Try JibJab Sendables!

Benjamin's first bath!

Well, there are a bunch of different pictures in this bunch, but Ben's first bath was tonight! He did great, although he spit up twice so we had to restart two times :) (Of course, the second I turned OFF the camera he spit up... We've got to work on our timing)

Other pics of Terry and Abby coming by, Lori and Cameron, my mom coming home from Minnesota to see him for the first time, us going home, and the bath. Enjoy![make sure to click on the pictures so you can view the videos]

On a completely unrelated note, at work this morning we had our annual "rose ceremony" at school. No, not what you think, I don't hold a rose up and ask certain teachers, "Will you accept this rose?" I mean, come on, nobody would accept a rose from me :) Instead, any person we feel has made an impact on us this year, we can share stories and give them a rose. I think it's a wonderful tradition, and always enjoy sharing successes at school.

The only reason I bring this up is because I was completely taken by surprise today by receiving one from a wonderful teacher there at school. I realized that I may not get as many of the "you helped me a lot this year" from kids like I used to, but seeing that I may be offering support to teachers makes it all worth while. What happened this morning only helped me refocus my need to do all that I can to support teachers in shaping those young lives. Thanks to her and ALL the teachers at school for all that they do!

Baby book?

I was talking to my mom before getting back home this evening, and she mentioned that in Benjamin's baby book, I should definitely put that Emily kept (keeps) asking if people want to "pet" Benjamin.

"Do you want to pet him?" She asks as people get near Ben for the first time.

This comment by my mom brought up an interesting conversation about the baby book. I laughed at her and told her we don't have a baby book for Benjamin, that's what the blog is for. She looked at me as if I had lost my mind, but I mean, that's the whole purpose for this, right? This IS the new baby book, right? I'm curious to hear what you think about this medium as scrap booking, baby booking, etc... Am I off my rocker?

Speaking of going crazy, while I'm still convinced that Benjamin is deaf, at least allow me to voice my argument. Now, I realize that at times he seems to respond to sounds, and most of the time he's just content and asleep (which I brought up to the nurse today at our well-baby visit.. I kept this question to myself until she asked if we had any questions, and I piped up [before telling her I thought he was deaf.. that was an amusing response by her as well] saying, "well, I know Leslie would have killed me earlier for even thinking this.. but.. I know that with Emily we were up all the time, so maybe I've just gotten used to it, but this kid sure does seem to sleep a lot..." You can imagine her [and Leslie's] response.. "Buddy, I'd be countin' your blessings, and you might want to keep your voice down around here"), so maybe he's just a calm baby. Now, those of you that know me (all of you)... does that make sense to you either? NO SENSE to me. I mean, what part of my gene pool has ANYTHING to do with calm? See my logic here? There's no way he can hear, because there's no such thing as calm in a Liesenfeld. NO SUCH THING.

Anyway, called the doctor's office and explained to them my neurotic behavior, they just told me at the two week checkup to have his hearing re-checked. I should probably have my brain re-checked while we're at it.

Some other tidbits I've failed to mention... Ben's circumcision seemed to go well, although we all found it odd that they gave him a watermelon sucker to suck on while they did it. I guess no pain meds, for a 1 day old baby, sugar like that is better than any anesthetic :)

Also, we're trying to still get used to the magic pee, but from what we gather from everybody, we just need to cinch down the diaper a little better. My dad brought over sixteen different scientifically engineered diapers to see if they work better, but I have a feeling it's the "strapper," not the straps.

The Liesenfelds!

Our first family picture!
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our first night at home

In his "usual" style since his birth way back five days ago, Benjamin started getting revved up around 10pm last night. Here's how the comedy of errors worked for a while:

- Benjamin would start screaming. I would check him, and realize that his clothes were wet (although I still can't figure out how.. I mean, I know I'm still getting used to the stream hitting the crib, my arms, his face, my face, whatever, as I change him, but I don't know why he's getting wet while just laying there.. magic pee I guess).

- I would begin changing him, so he'd scream louder.

- 30 seconds after he'd begin screaming, I'd see my little helper next to the crib in our room. She'd look at him and say to me, "Daddy, I think he wants to hold me." "Yes," I'd respond, "but he can't hold you if you're in bed asleep, can he?" She'd then laugh, and stay there watching me.

- I'd get him fixed up, then hand him off to Leslie, and then take Emily back to her bed. She would ask me for some water, or a book, or whatever, so I'd do what I could to coax her back into bed. Then I'd head back to our room.

This went on until about 2:30 in the morning, when the storm started. Then Emily was planted in our bed the rest of the night. I think she planned that storm, to be honest. I don't know how yet, but I know she did. I've never seen her sleep with such a big smile on her face.

There you have it. Our first night :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

This sums it up...

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We're home!

What a few days!

Friday morning.. Wait, back up a bit.. Thursday night, Leslie started complaining of some pretty good contractions. I called into the hospital, they told her to take a benadryl, rest, drink water, and see if they stop. They said it MAY have had something to do with Leslie holding Emily in her lap for a few hours in the school gym with NO AIR CONDITIONING. You think?

So, Friday morning, Leslie wakes up at about 5 and gets out of bed. That was a little odd to me, so I asked her what was up. She replied, "I'm just awake, so I figured I'd get out of bed." Still weird (usually, the tv comes on or something..), but I ignored it.

So, when I got out of bed shortly after, I walk into the living room, and see her on her computer (another weird one.. Not strange by itself, but it's not 'like' her to do these things), so I asked her again what was wrong. Her reply was, "I don't want to keep having to go into the hospital just for them to tell me to go back home. Don't worry about it, I'm fine." Ah hah, apparently things are not all well.. So I ask her a little about her contractions, and her response was "fine," but her face said NOT FINE.

So, what do I do? The thing she probably wanted me doing least, calling up the hospital. I'm fine with my OCD, neurosis, whatever you want to call it, but she's still trying to adjust (7 years not enough I guess). Anyway, the nurse tells me that if they are 5 or 6 minutes apart (hers were 7) or GOOD contractions (which they were), to come on in.

So, she decides she'll take a shower, then we'll head in. So what do I do then? I know you think you know the answer, but this one I veer from my norm quite a bit. I tell her I'm going to work. The face she gave me wasn't a great one, but I had a TON of paperwork that I felt HAD to be done by me, so I figured I'd give it a good effort.. I told her I'd be back soon, and RUSHED to school.

About 20 minutes after I got there, my cell phone rang, and it was her, asking me, "so WHEN are you coming?" Good enough for me. I ran into my bosses office, told her how sorry I was to dump all my work on her for the day, but that I had to take Leslie in to the hospital. She had no problem with it, and wondered why I had shown up in the first place (probably because I'm dumb.. but that's just my interpretation).

So, we rush into the hospital, then wait FOREVER for triage to see us. Finally the nurse walks up, and addresses me first. "You didn't tell me this was a c section on the phone. We don't like women having contractions for c sections.." Oops. I respond, "Well, we can just start over if you want.. hee hee.." She wasn't amused.

Leslie got strapped in to her usual stuff (baby monitor, contraction monitor, etc). Nurse looked for a second, told her she was going to call Anderson. Few minutes later, she informed us she was in labor. Then a few minutes after that, she told us, "Let's have this baby today!"

So, I alerted the pentagon, and every other human I could think of. Chebon and Dad showed up and helped out before we went into surgery. Best part was getting Mom, who was in Minnesota for my cousin's wedding, who wanted NOTHING ELSE but to just wait until she got back to have the baby.. oh well..

So, when I finally got her on the phone, I began by telling her, "if you start wigging out, I'm going to hang up on you." She replied by wigging out, but I managed to get her through it :)

So, then it was time! Leslie went back, and I put on my stuff waiting outside. After about 10 minutes I was SURE something was wrong, so I began feeling woozy and light headed. After Chebon shook me back into shape, they called me into the room. I ran in there, and saw Leslie on the table. She seemed much more calm this time around, and told me she wasn't feeling sick like with Emily. I mustered up the courage to actually look this time as Benjamin was being born, and it was wonderful. I could try to explain how it was, but you know there's no way, so I won't try.

Then I was ushered out to be with him while he was cleaned up. While in that room, Dr. Anderson came in to tell me she was "concerned" with Leslie. She told me Leslie felt "weird" but there weren't any real reasons why she should feel so. Again, start blacking out, then start weeping like a kid. Anderson's reply was, "Peter, get it together. You take care of 8th graders, I take care of your wife. I'll tell YOU when it's time to worry." Okay okay, so I washed up, tried to compose myself.

Leslie came out in the bed shortly after, seemed better, so I was a little more calm. Just in time for the hearing test for Benjamin, which he failed the first time. Cue Nausea, light headed, nutso. Sure enough, he passed fine later, although I still think he's deaf. I'm just waiting for the right moment to drop something REALLY LOUD to make sure he reacts... I'm sure Leslie will LOVE that. But, you know me, gotta be sure :)

So, before I get too tired typing all of this, the next few days were blood pressure ups and downs, Benjamin sleeping all day and awake all night, etc etc. All is well now, everybody is in bed here at home.

What a few days. I wondered what I would feel like with Emily, and it clicked immediately how much I could love her. I wondered how I could feel the same with two, because I can't love Emily any less, and sure enough, it's possible to love them both. Everybody says it, but it never makes sense until you're there. I'm there.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Well, I've been trying to upload photos from the iPhone but can't seem to do it.

The same trouble Leslie had right after the birth (high blood pressure, weakness) has been off and on coming back, so the doctor put her on some blood pressure medication.

Not much else right now. Sleep hopefully soon :)

I think, therefore iPhone

Emily and Benjamin

The first picture is Chebon getting to read Emily a bedtime story (per her request.. She didn't have much use for me the night Benjamin was born, she wanted Chebon to read her two books), but the rest are Emily singing to Benjamin. Make sure you click on the album and watch the videos, very cute :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Not much time to spill all the details right now, so I'll hit the highlights:

1. Leslie was wonderful, I was a wreck...
2. All went very smooth: 7 lbs 11 oz 19 inches long
3. All are resting now.

Enjoy the pics below. More to come, as I'm sure you can imagine :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tooth Fun

Okay, so I knew I had a cavity. I had to make two appointments: 1 with the doctor on Thursday, and then the actual cleaning one for today, Friday. Here's how yesterday worked out:

I walked into the office, sat down, got some grief for it being 3 years since my last checkup (and 7 before that). She said to me, "okay, so where's this hole?" I explained where it was, and that Leslie had told me to definitely go see the doctor after looking at it, because it was big and black... She looked back there, and then asked me again. So, I told her, again. Then third time..

I said, "okay, I'm not nuts here, it's as big as day back there on my tooth..." She looked at me with that "okie-dokie whatever" look, then said, "alright, let's have some xrays then." Fine, whatever. So she does her xrays, then tells me it'll be about five minutes for the doctor to come in.

So I wait five minutes, going over in my head how many times I looked in the mirror at that nasty looking thing over the past week wondering when my tooth was going to fall out.. So then the doctor walks in. She says to me, "So, nice to see you, ever.. hahahah" yes yes, funny funny. I promised her now that I basically live off of schedules, seeing me in six months wasn't going to be a problem. She replied, "sure it isn't." Okay, I know that sounds like everybody else, but I really meant it. I said, "no, I mean it, I'm an ADMINISTRATOR now (like that means something), so I really will follow the schedule." She replied, "uh huh. Okay Mr. Administrator, show me this hole (with a rather sarcastic look in her eye)"

So I showed her where it was, then she began the questioning again. I wasn't going to play the game three times in a row again like the first person. I said, "okay, I'm not crazy, the thing is huge, give me a mirror and I'll point right at it."

She said to me, "Well, your xrays look fine, and other than that filling back there in your tooth, there's nothing there."

....I pause.... "filling?" I ask. Then I can tell she gets it.. She says, "oooh, yeah.. Well, I guess if you came to the dentist more than once every seven years, you may spend more time actually looking in your mouth. Yes, the filling that's probably been there for the past twenty five or so years. Is that the 'hole' you speak of?"

At this point the entire office staff begins giggling. Okay okay, funny funny. Oh, but apparently it's REALLY funny, because I continue to hear the laughter for some time. She then tells me, "actually, you are remarkably lucky, because your teeth look really good, considering the neglect. I mean, don't get me wrong, they SERIOUSLY need cleaning, but bone structure etc. look good."

So there you have it... I walked out to the main desk to make sure I was still on for today, and the doctor came out and whispered something in the secretary's ear, to which she started giggling. Great, let's all have another chuckle at filling boy. She then looked up and told me there wasn't a charge for the day. I told her, "Yeah, sure, I mean, the xrays alone and the fact that I came in claiming to have a hole in my tooth when it was a filling is at least worth something."

She replied, "Doctor Roberts said no charge, so that's what it is."

Usually my stupidity ends up with some sort of huge bill attached, but thanks to the wonderful people over there, no charge!

Today was great fun. At the beginning of the torture, she whips out some strange device I've never seen, and tells me, "now this is going to be noisy, and spray a lot of junk everywhere, so get ready." The thing makes a high pitched noise I cannot describe, and each time it touches my tooth it sends one of those brain freeze feelings straight to my.. well.. brain. On one of the FEW pauses, I say to her, "wow, that's some new technology there..." She replies, "No, it's not new, but your teeth have never needed this thing." More good news I guess...

The rest was about par for a regular cleaning.

So there's the tooth fun. Riveting I know, but I just love publicizing my stupidity whenever I can.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Emily's First Dance Recital

Below are some pictures of Emily in her recital outfit! These pictures are as close as she got to the actual performance, however, as she decided she'd rather watch from backstage than go out and dance.

She was a very big girl and didn't cry about it at all, she just told Leslie she'd rather not go out on stage. Maybe next year!

Treadmill Kittens

Happy Mother's Day!

Right after Leslie got up, I snuck out and got our cards for her. I rushed back inside, had Emily sign her card, and we hid them under her pillow. Of course, when Leslie got back in the room, she decided to sit in the recliner (where she spends most of her time now, usually about half the night - there is no such thing as comfortable to her anymore...), so Emily and I had to figure out a way for her to find her cards...

Finally, Emily said, "Mommy, look under your pillow!" Leslie didn't know what do, so Emily lifted the pillow and showed mommy her cards! She took them over to her, and she read them from her seat.

We're not really sure what the plans are for the day yet. Leslie's last day at school was Friday, and guess where she is this morning? You guessed it, at school. When she gets back we'll figure out what we're doing today, but I know this afternoon Emily has her dance recital! We're very excited about it today, because Emily came in this morning and told me, "Daddy, I don't think I'm going to cry today!" I told her that was wonderful!

We'll see how that goes... :) I'll post pictures/videos later.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Speaking of Twitter...

I'm now following Barack Obama:

Happy Birthday Leslie!

Last night Emily and I went shopping to find Leslie a gift. We were looking at jewelry and Emily picked out some very nice earrings which we got. We then spent a LOT of time over in the cards trying to find the perfect one.

This morning, After we all got up, Emily gave Leslie her present. Then, shortly after, I was off to help Chebon all day walk doors. After we were done for the day, Chebon, Chilton, Leslie and I went to Outback and had a nice birthday dinner. Now it's close to bed time :)

Leslie also had a surprise baby shower on her last day at work on Friday. All the kids and parents came and gave gifts for Benjamin, and everybody had a great time! Thanks to all for the wonderful gifts!

I've got two more weeks of school (with kids), then summer work getting ready for next year. I get asked all the time, "why do you work all summer when there aren't any kids?" It takes almost all summer to prepare for the coming year, believe it or not. Scheduling (kids), the master schedule (teachers), Camp Turning Points (program before school starts for all incoming 6th graders), Calendar issues, classroom setups, facility repairs, new policies or procedures that need implementation, etc. etc. etc.... So, we stay busy :)

As you can see on the left here, I now post my most recent "Twitter Posts" or "Tweets." If you're interested, head over to Twitter and look into it. The best I can describe it is a quick and easy way to micro blog basic stuff about what's going on at the moment. Right now I'm "following" several people, mostly employees over at Revision 3, and others (Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, Alex Albrecht, etc.), but I'd LOVE to follow people I know, so sign up and start Twittering! (Chebon loves it when I say that word.. Funny for some reason, but me being the nerd that I am thinks it completely normal to talk about "tweets" and "twitter")

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Slideshow

I'm playing around with a new site, and threw this slideshow together in about ten minutes. I think it's pretty cool, hope you enjoy :)


I think I've gotten my first cavity... Good times. Not to mention, my teeth are all going whizzy whichy way now, so I probably need braces or something again... I've been putting it off and putting it off, but I've got to go in to the dentist. Problem is I've been to a couple in the past few years and can't seem to find one I really like.. Any suggestions?


Emily got to fly her first kite today! We got a Barbie kite from the store today, and tried it out when we got home. Today is apparently the first day in the past billion that it isn't windy at all here, so it didn't work out so well...

Well, we waited a bit, then went back outside, and there was juuuuust enough wind to get it off the ground! Emily had a great time, and wants to do it "right after lunch [dinner] again!"

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Emily's last day at school

Here are a few pictures from Emily's last day at Teacher Lisa's School. Thanks Papa Vinny for the photos!

Friday, May 2, 2008

15 days...

3 Weeks until the end of school! I can't believe it's gone this fast, and what a year it's been!

I'm going to miss the 8th grade class moving on to Norman High next year, but I'm also looking forward to seeing the incoming sixth graders next year. Leslie's moving to teach 1st grade next year, so it should be exciting for her as well.

Speaking of Leslie... Not that she should be resting or anything, because tonight she volunteered to stay at McKinley until about 10:00PM for parents night out night there. I know what you're thinking, why not? I don't know either, I mean, in the hospital a two weeks ago, been working non-stop, Benjamin due in just a few weeks, heck I'd be working till 10 too... Oh wait, I have none of those issues, and I'm about to go to bed right now...

Emily's last day of school at Teacher Lisa's school was yesterday. It's so hard to believe that in the fall she'll be going to McKinley! "Time flies" is so over-used, but... Wow, does time fly!

I can't remember if I've posted any of this before, but I've really nerded out lately and found a great mt-32 emulator, so I can relive the sounds of the past now on my old games from Sierra. It's a lot of fun going back and replaying Colonel's BeQuest with the oh-so-cool 32 voice music :)

After feeling so great after this marathon, I'm looking for the Boston... 7:15 miles for 26 miles... Maybe I'll wait until I'm 35.