Sunday, October 25, 2009

Disney World Final Day

The last day was pretty much a blur, I remember at one point looking at Leslie and telling her, "okay, I'll quit my job today if we can live at Disney World."

We managed to get to the Magic Kingdom with Papa Vinny for just a few rides (the hotel was AWESOME! Got us fast passes to anything we wanted, and got dad a free pass to the park for the last day!). We rode Peter Pan, then that was it for him as he had to go catch his flight home.

We rode a couple more things, I think, then headed back ourselves. The airport was busy, but we were ushered into a "special" line since we had the super duper oversized double mo-mamba-jamba stroller. The first plane ride was... wow. Ben screamed for most of it, and Emily cried for most of it.

The second flight was on one of those itty bitty jets, and after finally getting everybody situated, both kids were out for the majority of the flight.

Chebon picked us up, and we were finally home! Here is the final set of pictures from our trip. Enjoy!

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  1. Whyfor huh dez childenz upzet on de plane? Just like de ride at happeest plaz on eard, yez? Juz longer, noo big mouzes, what de problem?


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